HSN Bearing Group(Liaocheng City HSN Bearing Co., Ltd.) has been bearing supplier since 1988, developed from trade into Comprehensive business including trade and production. The headquarters located in Shandong Province, owns two brands ZTLZ and BABO.

Our products are mainly used in industrial fields, such as cement equipment, mining equipment, mill equipment, power plant equipment, paper making equipment, oil field equipment, metallurgical equipment, and so on. Large size bearing is our advantage.

With wealth of experience and adequate supply, We builted our own factory in Wafangdian City - China's largest bearing manufacturing base; In Shandong Province, We have 2,000 square meters of bearing warehouse, domestic sales offices and international export company.

HSN Bearing Group has long-term cooperation distributors in most of city in China and gradually expand its global market. Besides our own factory, we still keep cooperation with ZWZ LYC DYZV NXZ and other well-known Chinese bearing enterprises.

Hope to progress together and seek common develop with bearing agents around the world.

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